3D Wooden Puzzle -- Dinosaur


Learn about dinosaurs and have fun creating a dinosaur from all the body parts of the dinosaur. 


e0 Plywood:

- eco-friendly and non-toxic

- precise cutting to ensure quality control and good structure

- pieces are strong, stable and not easily broken



- comes with instructions, which are illustrated in 3D which is extremely helpful

- each step is laid out in detail



- utilize creativity and imagination to beautify the project

- incorporates art!


Material: E0 level plywood, 2.8mm thickness


Product Function: 

1. Assembly → Improve reading comprehension, train handling ability.

2. Paint or decorate → Cultivate color matching ability, develop aesthetic ability.

3. Creativity → Inspire the imagination, develop creative thinking. 

4. Learning → Understand how solar energy works.



Assembly Instructions,  two pieces of the Wooden Puzzle 


22.8*18.2 cm



The color of wood can be maintained  for a long time, and also the wood absorbs markers and paint well, resulting in beautiful projects with color that doesn’t fade.

Dinosaur Puzzle